PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) account is a managed account in the foreign exchange market.

The main advantage of the foreign exchange market is its stability, because any depreciation of one currency means the growth of the rate of another relative to it. Thus, the currency market itself never falls in the classical sense, which, combined with high liquidity, makes it attractive to investors.

The national currencies of countries are perhaps the most liquid instrument that can always be exchanged. The daily trading volume in the international foreign exchange market is trillions of US dollars, with which no other stock exchange in the world can compare.

The main factor in making a profit is the volatility of the market, whose participants exchange one currency for another.

The managing trader performs operations on a PAMM account consisting of the capital of the manager himself and the funds of the affiliated investor accounts.

Profit from trading operations is distributed among investors, and the manager receives his remuneration as a percentage of the profits.

Also an undeniable advantage is the low entry threshold, i.e. You can invest in PAMM accounts starting from as little as $ 100 and monitor the status of your account from your personal account. However, only you have access to the withdrawal of funds, because Your money is in your account and you can take it back at any time.

In addition, the account manager is interested in positive trading, since in the case of a PAMM account, he risks not only his reputation, but also his own capital.

We constantly monitor the rating of managers of PAMM accounts, and offer Club members only those managers who have extensive experience and have proven themselves well during this time.

At the moment, we recommend Fintechnology 14 PAMM account, which at the end of January 2019 had a yield of 86.4% over the past 10 months:

chart 2019

You can see the yield curve of this manager over the past years here:

chart 2019

Especially for the members of the Investors Club, the account manager has provided more favorable exclusive conditions if:

  • The term of investment is not less than a year;
  • The maximum share of funds invested in PAMM does not exceed 20% of the total capital of the investor);
  • Withdrawals from the account once a month in the amount of the remuneration of the manager;
  • Minimum investment: from $ 100
  • Expected return: up to 50% per annum
  • Recommended investment period: at least 1 year
  • Recommended investment amount: not more than 20% of equity

If you decide to invest in PAMM, but you still have questions / you have difficulty with further actions and do not know where to start, make a request for a preliminary consultation, and we will contact you within 24 hours and carry out all stages from the beginning of the account and until the end result. Consultation is free.

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