Investors Club

The FXTDE Investor Club is a platform for active interaction and exchange of experience between participants and experts at live and online events.

Club members receive:

  1. Access to exclusive investment objects (only “for own”), as well as authoring tools and algorithms for personal financial planning and investment.
  2. Access to video and master classes on the most pressing issues of investment.
  3. Joint participation in business events, communication with like-minded people, exchange of business contacts for promising joint projects.
  4. Assistance and advice on investment.
  5. Legal and accounting support.

At club meetings, we analyze and discuss the most pressing issues in the field of investment, financial planning, taxation or pension insurance. As speakers, we attract professional lawyers, financiers and economists, as well as other leading experts who can provide quality advice and expert assessments in the field of investment and finance.

Regular meetings within the “Investor Club” are also a great way to share experiences with the participants and make new and useful contacts.

Club partners:

  • largest property developers;
  • investment funds;
  • factory owners;
  • IT companies;
  • companies providing legal and accounting services;