Investments in trading strategies (trading robots) in the cryptocurrency market

The cryptocurrency market is the youngest and most actively developing market, and therefore it is so popular with many investors.

A key feature of cryptocurrency is complete decentralization and the absence of any administration from both inside and outside.

The national currencies of countries are perhaps the most liquid instrument that can always be exchanged. The daily trading volume in the international foreign exchange market is trillions of US dollars, with which no other stock exchange in the world can compare.

As part of the Investors Club, we cooperate with an algorithmic company that allows you to rent their algorithms (trading robots) for profit.

Our partner, ZERDEX (Estonia) is a team of entrepreneurs, mathematicians and experienced traders who have combined their experience and knowledge to create effective products for working in the cryptocurrency market.

You open your own account on the exchange in your name. This eliminates the option of fraud and you do not need anyone to transfer their funds to the management. The funds remain on your account all the time. After registering a personal account, you get a trading algorithm, giving the robot access to the account for trading. At the end of the trade, once a month you pay a rent for the robot as a percentage of the profit.

  • All the time, the money remains in your account and only you have access to the withdrawal of funds.
  • Payment for the rental of the robot is already on the fact of making a profit, i.e. you do not have to pay in advance until profit is received.

At the moment there are several algorithms whose yield graphs are below:

chart 2019

chart 2019

chart 2019

You can find out more at a free consultation.

  • The minimum amount of investment in one algorithm is about 2 bitcoins.
  • Expected return over 100% per annum

If you want to invest in trading robots in the cryptocurrency market, but you still have questions / you have difficulty with further actions and do not know where to start, make a request for a preliminary consultation, and we will contact you within 24 hours and guide you through all stages from the start of opening an account to the final result. At each stage, our specialists will advise you on any questions you may have. Consultation is free.

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