Stock market asset management

In contrast to the long-term purchase of any assets, investments in trust management in the stock market allows you to make a profit not only in the period of growth in the value of companies’ shares, but also in the period of their decline, because professional hedge fund managers analyze markets every day and always the pulse to at any time sell or buy certain assets in order to maximize profits and minimize risks.

In addition, they have access to such instruments as futures and options, which allow to hedge (reduce) risks.

As a rule, such investment funds are subject to the highest requirements on the part of state regulators for: audit, availability of appropriate licenses and certified specialists in the state, amount of own funds, etc., etc.


Our Club cooperates with reliable funds located in the European jurisdiction, having all the necessary licenses, whose employees have many years of experience in successful trading in financial markets and certificates confirming their professionalism.

Investment portfolios of funds include many different strategies, involving the sale of various types of assets in the markets of different countries.

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  • The minimum amount of investments in trust funds for Club members is from $ 200 000.
  • The expected target return on such investments in foreign currency is usually up to 25% per annum.

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