Our vacancies

We invite to cooperation managing traders, authors of trading strategies, representatives of funds and investment companies, developers and agencies.

  • If you have investment products and solutions that you would like to offer investors, describe your product / offer by filling out a special questionnaire on our website at: http://www.fxtde.pro/new/
    After filling out the questionnaire, it will be sent for examination and if your product is in demand and meets our quality and reliability requirements, we will be happy to assist you in finding investors.

  • If you are an active and successful trader and / or you have a trading idea, we will help to implement it in the form of a trading robot.
    And in case of successful testing, we are ready to offer a place in the friendly team of our project and the opportunity to earn money by helping others to earn money.
    Send your resume and suggestions to:
    FXTDE.Pro project team.

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    • 03184, Torrevieja (Alicante), Spain
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    • +34 667 85 27 54
    • +34 667 85 27 54
    • +34 667 85 27 54
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